World’s Most Prominent Recognition
for Educational Institutions

Welcome to Fortune Institutions

“Fortune Institutions” is the world’s most prominent recognition to the Educational Institutions and it which will commence it’s recognition from the year 2016. Fortune Institution Recognition will be issued by Recruitment Analysis Council (Issuing Authority). Education is the process of facilitating Learning, Knowledge, Skills, Values, Beliefs and Habits of a group of people transferred to other people through discussion, teaching, training and research. Education is the right of every human being. The Institution which achieves the best results in the field of Academics need to be identified and have to be recognized as Fortune Institution. Recruitment Analysis Council consider the Quality of Standards in the following Recognition Patterns to recognize one’s Institution as Fortune Institution. In every aspect Infrastructure & Standards play an important role.

• Academic Performance (Quality of Teaching Standards, Faculty and Students)
• Research, Industry collaborations and Consultancy
• Infrastructure and Resource Management
• Governance, Leadership and Management
• Sports and Recreations
• Training & Placements

By recognizing such institutions, students will get the idea of acquire quality education. This recognition will also help students to identify the suitable course in the best institutions. Fortune Institution Recognition is applicable for all educational factors.

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